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              XISU's Counselors Awarded in Shaanxi Provincial College Counselors' Quality Competition

              Apr 28, 2018  |  BROWSE TIMES:  |  LOCATION:

              On April 28, 2018, the 6th Shaanxi provincial college counselors competition successfully rolled down the curtain. Among all competitors, Li Ruijing from School of English Education won the first prize, and Bai Ge from School of International Relation won the second prize.

              The competition was co-hosted by Shaanxi provincial Working Committee of Higher Education, Xi'an Peihua University, and Shaanxi provincial training base of college counselors. About 124 contestants from 80 higher institutions in Shaanxi participated. The competition started at 7:00 p.m., on April 26, which included written test (theoretical knowledge and cyber composition), case analysis, theoretical presentation, and counseling talk to comprehensively test one’s theoretical foundation and real-life competency. XISU's two outstanding contestants outweighed from others and finally won the awards. Their performances exactly reflects the ideal mental outlook and solid professionalism of XISU's counselors.

              The competition was previously named as college counselors' professionalism competition. And the schedule and rules have now been greatly modified. The new competition is now more rigorous and scientific, the test items are more related to counselor's actual work and demand for quality, which highlights the core purposes of utilizing the competition to practice, train, promote, and develop counselors in higher institutions. This is considered the comprehensive evaluation of counselors' full comprehension of central government's advocacy, the ultimate mission of moralizing students, and the enhancement of professional competency and quality.