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              Home > Academics > Schools & Departments

              Schools & Departments

              Schools and Departments

              · School of English Studies

              · School of English Education

              · School of Japanese Studies

              · School of Occidental Studies

              · School of Oriental Studies

              · English Language Institute

              · School of Russian Studies

              · School of Translation Studies

              · School of German Studies

              · School of Business

              · School of Economics and Finance

              · School of Chinese Language and Literature

              · School of Journalism and Communication

              · School of Tourism & Institute of Human Geography

              · School of Arts

              · School of International Relations

              · Department of Ideology and Politics Research

              · Department Basic Education

              · Department of Physical Education

              · School of Chinese Studies& School of Central Asia

              · Promotion Base for Chinse Language & Office of Confucius Institute

              · School of Continuing Education & Higher Vocational College & Evening College

              · School for Candidates to Study Overseas & School of International Studies

                School for Candidates to Study Overseas

                School of International Studies

                Testing Center

                Agency for Studying Abroad

              · Department of Vocational Education