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              Home > About XISU > Institutional Structure

              Institutional Structure

              CPC and University Administrators


              Office of CPC Committee & Office of the President

              Office of Commission for Discipline Inspection &Office of the Ombudsman

              Department of Organization & Department ofUnited Front Work& CPCParty School

              Department of Publicity & Media Center

              Department of Ideological and Political Education & Office of Students Affairs & Department ofArmed Forces

              Labor Union

              CYL Committee

              Office of Human Resources

              Office of Affairs

              West China Center for Teacher Development

              Office of Research

              Graduate School & Department of Graduate Student Affairs

              Office of Teaching Supervision

              Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges & Office for Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs

              Department of Finance

              Department of Auditing

              Department of Asset Management

              Department of Security

              Department of Retirees

              Department of Capital Construction

              Department of Logistics


              Schools & Departments

              School of English Studies

              School of English Education

              School of Japanese Studies

              School of Occidental Studies

              School of Oriental Studies

              English Language Institute

              School of Russian Studies

              School of Translation Studies

              School of German Studies

              School of Business

              School of Economics and Finance

              School of Chinese Language and Literature

              School of Journalism and Communication

              School of Tourism&Institute of Human Geography

              School of Arts

              School of International Relations

              Department of Ideology and Politics Research

              Department Basic Education

              Department of Physical Education

              School of Chinese Studies & School of Central Asia

              Promotion Base for Chinse Language & Office of Confucius Institute

              School of Continuing Education & Higher Vocational College & Evening College

              School for Candidates to Study Overseas & School of International Studies

                School for Candidates to Study Overseas

                School of International Studies

                Testing Center

                Agency for Studying Abroad

              Department of Vocational Education


              Research Institutes

              Editorial Board of XISU Journal

              Institute of Human Geography

              Collaborative Innovation Center for Silk Road Language Service

              Center for European and American Literature

              Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages

              Institute of Shaanxi Tourism

              Xi'an Center for Contemporary International Issues

              XISU Center forHumanities and Social Sciences


              Auxiliary Units


              Center for Information Technology


              Directly Affiliated Units

              XISU Alumni Association & Educational Foundation

              University Hospital

              Xi'an Foreign Language School